The time when Auricchio was the one-brand company of founder Gennaro Auricchio is by now far away.

Now the company features one of the widest range of cheeses you may find: from Provolone to main DOP Italian cheeses, ricotta and sheep cheeses, either fresh or aged.

Handicraft products made following the traditional recipes and still quality controlled according to the latest regulations.

In 1993 the company started a takeover policy, as a result of which alongside with the main historical brand new brands appeared, deeply rooted in the Italian dairy tradition of high quality, handicraft products.



marchio-auricchio The name AURICCHIO and the monogram “A with the anchor” identify all Provolone varieties Classico (spicy), Dolce, Giovane and Stravecchio.

This brand has been registered all over the world and in the last 50 years many imitators and counterfeiters have been sentenced by the Court of Cassation

marchio-auricchio-riserva Riserva Esclusiva Auricchio® is the brand that represents a guarantee of quality and tradition. It is printed on the cheeses that best represent Italian tradition, selected by the centenary experience of Auricchio.

They are: Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P., Grana Padano D.O.P., Asiago D.O.P., the cow grating cheese Ancoretto®, the fresh caciottas Auretta®, Novella®, Saracino®, Caciotta del Pirata®, Pecorino Romano D.O.P., Pecorino Moliterno, Pecorino Calcagno Bucaro® with or without pepper, aged Pecorino cheeses Sirbone® Foggiano and Crotonese, Ricotta Fresca, Ricotta Salata Sardis®.

marchio-ceccardi The brand Ceccardi® is particularly rooted in the region Emilia Romagna and is well known for its fresh ricotta, the caciotta Monte Cusna® made from sheep’s and mixed milk and the caciottina Colli di Scandiano® made from cow’s milk.

They are all products of high quality, a result of the centenary experience of expert emilian dairyman.

marchio-gloria The brand Gloria® was acquired in 2001.

Gloria was a historical sicilian company with a separate production facility in Sardinia, specialized in the production of special pecorino cheeses, both fresh and matured.

This brand, well known in Italy and abroad, especially in France, contributed in completing the range of pecorino cheeses, a market field where Auricchio is trying to gain a leading position.

marchio-locatelli Auricchio is the owner of Locatelli brand, which is used exclusively for the US market. In particular, the Pecorino Romano Locatelli® is the best known on the US market, where it is sold in large distribution networks in the Premium Price category.

A leader on the market, this cheese stands out for its superior quality. It is perfect both as table and grating cheese.

LogoCOLOMBO GIOVANNI COLOMBO® is the latest brand taken over by Auricchio.

Its origin dates back to the beginning of the 1900s when Cavalier Pietro Colombo, on the track of father’s Giovanni experience, manufactures and leaves to mature one of the most typical products of Italian dairy tradition : Gorgonzola cheese.

As a result of a careful selection of ingredients and a constant quest for superior quality he produces a new kind of cheese, the CREMIFICATO®: well known in Italy, Europe and abroad, it is the top among Gorgonzola cheeses.

Still today, almost one century later, COLOMBO means quality, genuineness and continuous improvement.