The Auricchio Provolone in all its varieties (Provolone Piccante, Provolone Dolce, Provolone Giovane), is a complete food, rich in calcium and in those proteins that are essential elements for the development of human body and the nourishment of bone tissue in all stages of life :

  • Teenagers in developmental age,
  • Adults and sportsmen,
  • Elderly, for whom calcium is crucially needed.

Auricchio company, taking into consideration consumers’ demands and new food trends, presents Provolone as a modern, versatile cheese and not as just an end of the meal-food.



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Still now Provolone Auricchio is manufactured according to the ancient recipe of the founder “don Gennaro” : whole cow’s milk of farms at few kilometers distance from Pieve San Giacomo, in the province of Cremona.


  1. Milk is poured into special stainless steel tanks, technically called “polyvalent” and brought to a temperature of 37°C. Then the exclusive Auricchio rennet is added.
  2. Expert dairymen break the curd and cook it at a temperature not exceeding 45°C. The paste thus obtained, taken off from whey, is laid to rest some hours on inclined stainless steel tables in order to allow a complete drainage.
  3. The paste is minced and spun at a temperature of about 70°C and then worked by hand. The shapes (“salame”, “mandarino”, “gigantino” etc.) are moulded one by one, checking for any possible hole, fold or bubble that could compromise their preservation.
  4. After a passage in ice-cold water in order to fix the shape, the product is immersed in brine tanks where it is left from few hours (small sizes), up to twenty days (large sizes of 50 or 100 kg).
  5. Next steps are binding and ageing. The product is hanged in monitored storage rooms, equipped with advanced technologies that keep under control temperature, humidity and air circulation.
  6. Once they are ready to be put on sale, cheeses are cleansed and clad in the peloure, a thin film of see-through paper bearing impressed on it the AURICCHIO brand and name of provolone variety. The small sizes are instead marked with an imprint.  Then our provolone cheeses are immersed in a paraffin bath for better preservation, packed into cases and shipped to our Clients, ready to bring their unique taste at table.